A safe haven

Here at Caithness Web Services I regard web support rather more widely than than simply helping you when you get into difficulty with your website.

You may be perfectly competent to run your own website but occasionally need a guiding hand to point you in the right direction when you come up against a challenge.

You may be using social networking sites as your main marketing platform. Caithness Web Services can step in and help you when the providers of these platforms suddenly change the rules - making your pictures look silly or simply messing up the way your online presence works.

You might also want to use enhanced capabilities from the web such as analytics to discover where your website is performing less well than you had hoped and who exactly you are reaching through its pages.

Using tools such as Google Analytics or Caithness Web Services own Analytics data collector and server based statistics you can get access to masses of data about your visitors. I can make that mass of information into something you can really use.

Caithness Web Services can keep a weather eye on your site to ensure that it is performing to its potential, providing a monthly report that gives you key information to help you decide future improvements.

Most of all, Caithness Web Services will be there when you need help, ready to assist and serve your needs in a friendly and professional way.

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