Homing Pigeons

Web marketing for your business is absolutely necessary these days but how best to go about it is a real problem.

Should you have a website? Probably, but maybe not. You may be better served on a marketplace platform such as Amazon or Ebay. Even then, you'll most likely need somewhere on the web where people can check out that you are a real business.

Should you have a business email address? Yes you should. You don't necessarily have to have a website to have your own business email and it gives a better impression to potential customers than a generic email address.

Will advertising online work for you? It could, if you go about it correctly. We all use Google for free because they make huge profits from advertising. The businesses that use the platform do not throw money away. Advertising works.

On the world wide web, advertising is complicated. You need to work out what your targets are and the return on investment so that you can prove that your marketing is effective.

When you work with Caithness Web Services, you will be able to understand exactly what online advertising entails and how you can benefit through using it.

Together we will work out what methods to use, where to advertise and what to say to reach new clients and customers.

Your business may benefit by frequent, or occasional, engagement with clients and customers by email. By using carefully constructed letters personally talking to folk who have already expressed an interest in your products and services, you can build sales and a loyal community.

You know what is so good about your stuff, I can help you turn this into words that your potential clients will not only want to read but also engage with. Together, we can turn the curious browser into the eager buyer.

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