Data Centre

Caithness Web Services can organise everything necessary to get your website up and running from organising registration of your website name to renting space and resources at a secure UK based data centre.

The data centres we use provide Cpanel hosting for those who are technically adept but if you really do not want to be bothered with such things, I'll sort everything out on your behalf.

When you choose Caithness Web Services for your hosting, you'll also get email with the very best spam filtering available so you won't even be bothered with those annoying letters from complete strangers any more.

The hosting service also adapts to your needs and the basic package can cost less than one pound per week. If your site starts to get very busy or you need to add many pages, you will be allocated more resources accordingly but you will never be surprised by a surcharge.

Every website hosted by Caithness Web Services is backed up four times a day and backups are retained for two weeks ensuring that if the worst happens, your website can be recovered quickly and easily.

I have selected our data centres carefully and they use 100% green energy sources, have excellent disaster recovery plans that are tested regularly and provide top broadband performance and reliability.

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