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Web design for a small business is more than simply creating something attractive to look at.

The primary function of your website is to put your goods and services in front of potential customers and clients and encourage them to purchase from you.

When you work with Caithness Web Services, before we even start discussing the design for your website we will establish who exactly you are trying to reach and appeals to them. We will look at your competitors' sites and critically appraise them to establish how we can do better.

We'll discuss which platform is most suitable for you and your business, whether you will be updating it with a blog or adding and removing product lines and what style of presentation will work best.

Caithness Web Services is dedicated to using open source platforms whenever possible and there are a wide variety of platforms that are appropriate for different types of business. Choosing what will work best for you can be somewhat daunting. I will simplify that choice by narrowing down the choices to the few that are best suited for you.

In essence we will take a holistic view of your business and the role of your website as an essential part of of your marketing.

Once we get all this correct it follows that the result will not only work effectively for you, it will be beautiful too!

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